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Kosciuszko Huts

The best way to visit Kosciuszko National Park

The most scenic 4WD tour in the Snowy Mountains

Kosciuszko Huts Scenic Day Tour

During our day we visit the best and most scenic places the Snowy Mountains has to offer. Traveling in a 4WD we have the unique opportunity to go off-road along otherwise inaccessible tracks and trails. We travel across rivers and streams stopping at some of the famous historic Kosciuszko huts .

Come and learn the history of the huts on the western side of the Snowy Mountains.

Tour highlights

Tom Groggin Campground

Doctor Forbes Hut

Geehi and Old Geehi Hut

Major Clews Hut

Perfect spot for a picnic.

Olsen lookout

Geehi Reservoir

majestic views

Snowy Mountains Kosciuszko Tour

 As we explore otherwise inaccessible remote and untouched areas along mountain fire trails, you can be sure to be inspired to take your best photography. 

We provide morning tea, picnic lunch and afternoon tea plus refreshments, enjoy at secluded picnic areas and spectacular viewpoints.

The tour starts at 8am and concludes approximately at 4pm. (depending on starting locations)

Tour Itinerary

All day tour approx. 8 hours

Dead Horse Gap Meander past the Cascades

Take in the Peppermint Forest and the Alpine Wattles

Scenic nature walks

Snow Gums and Mountain Ash trees

Scenic lookouts & Historical Huts

River crossings in the 4wd

Western face of Mount Kosciuszko

Kangaroos & Bird Life

A day trip you'll never forget

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*Tours are subject to weather and road conditions